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There are doctors who specialize in medical conditions.
Now there are pharmacists who specialize, too.

Davie Pogue, R.Ph.,  High Blood Pressure Beverly Caskey, R.Ph.,  Diabetes Ron Erkens, R. Ph.,  Asthma Linda Maxwell, R.Ph., Arthritis/Pain Management Steve Naeger, R. Ph,  High Cholesterol Gina Joubert, R.Ph., Neurology/Psychiatry Daniel Pan, R.Ph, Oncology
There are over 700 Medco specialist pharmacists. Here's your chance to meet seven of them.

Daniel Pan, R.Ph.,
Steve Naeger R.Ph.,
High Cholesterol
Ron Erkens R.Ph.,
David Pogue, R.Ph.,
High Blood Pressure

Gina Joubert R.Ph.,
Linda Maxwell R.Ph.,
Arthritis/Pain Management
Beverly Caskey R.Ph.,

Medco specialist pharmacists

Our specialist pharmacists are trained to have an extensive understanding of a major chronic condition. If your pharmacy benefit is managed by Medco and a safety concern arises with your medication, our specialist pharmacists will work with your doctor to avoid potentially harmful drug interactions. They can even help you save on your medications.

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The My Rx Choices program, our online search tool, can help you find medication alternatives that may cost less — even if you don't have Medco coverage.