This short treatise makes an attempt to present an abridged description of the West European visual art development (mainly painting and in some degree sculpture and architecture) starting from the ancient Greece until the appearance of modern art. Whenever it is possible the influence of the philosophical ideas upon art is shown. For the description of the Greek art and Renaissance the fundamental work of Will Durant "The story of civilisation" * was mainly used as well as in general some other sources were also used **. The purpose of this work is to present to young people a short but more or less complete picture of the development of visual art, and the concomitant development of philosophical ideas which influence our world outlook, and thereby influence the art. Whenever it was possible short descriptions of other types of art as well as scientific achievements were given. A chronological table presenting development of different art styles and the most important exploits in the fields of culture and science is included. One has to accept that within a period when a particular art style is reigning there are artist whose style and ideas may differ from that which is typical for the time. Besides, some short information about other types of art are also included. For the last chapters presented in the end of the article the sole responsibility is on the author of this work.

*) Part II, Part IV, V, VII, VIII, IX
**) "Guide of Art ", edited by Sandro Sproccati, 1991

Time table
The impact of social aspects
The Greek philosophy and art
Middle ages
17th-18th Century
19th Century
20th Century
A Historic Review
An attempt to grasp the term beauty
Modern times
Market dominance
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